Difficult Diners

We believe that all dinners are made equal.

Dietary requirements, whether lifestyle choice or a body revolt, are part of everyday life. Dairy-free, carb free, fat free, gluten free, meat or animal product free or just a really simple solution? This website offers comprehensive swap out options so you can cater for even the most difficult diner!

Our mission

We provide a monthly country guide for a three course menu, with additions or subtractions to meet the needs of all your guests.

This month we are celebrating Italy! As it is home to some fantastic flavours and a great starting place for us to show how food for different diets doesn't have to be boring or lack taste!

This is Italina Month, home of pizza, pasta and gelato.

Italy is a brilliantly varried country, with everything from mountain towns, cosmipolitan cities and beaches. If you love this months' theme and want to visit Italy, here are some of our recommendations of where to go!

Basing a holiday itinerary on food? We say go for it!

Who are we?

About Us

Rebecca is a studying a masters in 'food'. She takes food seriously and makes sure the recipes are not only amazingly tasty but also nutritous as part of a balanced diet.

Rebecca Cann, BA/BSC in Food and Founder

Aisha has dealt with food intolerance and restrictive diets for years with a family history of wheat, gluten, dairy and fructose intolerance. She want to make the stigma of restrictive diets a thing of the past.

Aisha Sobey, Long time dairy-free Vegetarian and Founder

Alice has been vegetarian for years and undertands the struggle of being a student, with a student budget and still tryng to eat well. She is passionate about flexibility and ease of food.

Alice Sparks, Student, Vegetarian and Founder